Testimonials from companies that have used Odoo ERP

Odoo business scope/user-friendly chart

Installing an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) is a time-consuming process that can take several months or even a year.

If you’re considering implementing Odoo ERP, it’s a good idea to listen to feedback from companies that are already using it.

Here are some testimonials about Odoo ERP:

  1. The mobile app for Odoo is user-friendly and works smoothly on both Android and iPhone devices.
  2. The pricing of Odoo can be customized on a monthly basis, depending on the modules utilized and the number of user licenses required.
  3. Odoo offers extensive options for data analysis, and data can also be integrated with other systems.
  4. The user interface of Odoo is intuitive, making it suitable for users with various levels of experience.
  5. The automation of accounting processes in Odoo is efficient and time-saving.
  6. The functionalities of the Odoo system provide valuable insights for improving a company’s business processes.
  7. Importing large amounts of data into the system is made easy with “MS Excel” templates.
  8. Odoo offers fully integrated accounting capabilities.
  9. Odoo has reliable interfaces with other popular business software, such as “Microsoft Power BI.”
  10. The extensive network of Odoo partners ensures top-notch support for the system.
  11. In Odoo, a comprehensive history of employee actions is securely stored, with no option to delete this data.

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