Odoo implementation feedback: A company operating in the food production and rental space

“The installation process took a bit longer than expected, but the results are satisfying“

Just over a year ago, we began installing the Odoo business management system, and for the past eight months, we have been using it extensively in our daily operations. We chose Odoo based on a recommendation from a trusted acquaintance who was well-versed in this system and provided clear arguments why it was worth choosing Odoo.

We inevitably encountered some challenges during the implementation of this system. The entire installation process took about a year, although we had hoped it would be quicker. We didn’t face major issues, but in reality, everything proved to be more complex than learning from theoretical material. Nevertheless, the most important thing is even there were few hiccups, and we were able succesfully overcome them all.

Our company is relatively small, so only two people were involved in the implementation process – one employee and the manager of the company. Since we decided to integrate Odoo with other systems, we enlisted the help of external partners with extensive experience in working with this system. This helped us efficiently connect the systems and further enhance the system’s functionality.

Now, we primarily use the e-commerce and event modules, which is very convenient as everything is in one system. We also recently started using the accounting and internal planning modules, which seem to be working well so far.

We’ve noticed that since implementing Odoo, there’s been significantly less back-and-forth document sending because everything can be uploaded and found within the system itself. Communication within the company has also become easier since everyone can see the same information in one place and perform tasks independently. For example, all those working with the system can now easily generate invoices, which greatly streamlines our work.

Looking from a time perspective, we realize that we could have implemented this system more quickly, and we would recommend the same to others. What you hear during training is one thing, but using it in practice is quite different – many things can be forgotten, and you may need to search for information again.

In conclusion, the most important thing is not to be afraid of change because even if it seems difficult at times, in the end, it all turns out to be beneficial.”

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