Odoo implementation feedback: A company operating in the field of medical equipment supply

“Odoo has improved our company’s operations in multiple areas”

“We have been using Odoo since 2021. Although we considered other systems, we chose Odoo because at the time, it seemed to be the most suitable for our business model. The initial implementation process took six months, but later, additional time and investments were needed to integrate it with other systems and better tailor the system to real business needs.

The implementation team for the project was small, and most of our communication was with the company installing the Odoo software. We organized training for our employees ourselves and created the necessary workflows during the initial system installation phase.

Since our old system was installed almost two decades ago and no longer met our company’s needs, Odoo has improved our operations in multiple areas. We transferred only essential data to the new system, such as contacts and products, as it was not possible to migrate sales history and other historical data from the old system.

Looking from the current perspective, it is crucial to carefully assess whether the basic Odoo modules align with your needs and whether you have the time and financial resources to implement all the desired functionality. Therefore, for a successful Odoo implementation, it’s essential to meticulously plan the system deployment and determine early on which additional module functionalities will be required, calculating the real costs associated with it, as failing to do so can result in higher expenses than initially anticipated.”

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