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I specialize in helping companies achieve successful implementations of Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning system.

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Not Sure How to Implement Odoo ERP on Your Own?

Struggling to implement Odoo ERP on your private server? Despite finding tutorials online, you’re stuck with unanswered questions. While you have some knowledge, you’re unsure if Odoo ERP will effectively streamline your business processes. Additionally, you already have valuable business data stored in existing systems and don’t want to start from scratch. You’re concerned about the potential challenges and the time-consuming process of finding accurate answers on your own.

Discover a Clear Path Forward

Imagine having step-by-step guidance for installing Odoo on your own server. Envision receiving expert-level analysis of your business processes and tailored solutions to meet your ERP requirements with Odoo. Picture a seamless transfer of your business data to the newly implemented Odoo ERP, accompanied by a comprehensive plan and ongoing technical support. Now, imagine having the ability to ask precise questions and receive prompt answers from a real expert.

Get Odoo Expert Answers and Support Every Step of the Way

Break free from your current challenges and start implementing Odoo confidently. Gain direct access to an Odoo expert who can answer your technical and other queries, guiding you toward effective solutions. Experience personalized, one-on-one advisory for your Odoo implementation needs.

Why Choose Me?

With a successful track record in implementing IT systems for businesses since 2011, I have been specializing in consulting for Odoo ERP for the past three years. I have managed large-scale IT projects with thousands of users, equipping me with the skills to handle risks and embrace digital challenges.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Fill out the contact form below.
  2. Within 24 hours, I will reach out to you to schedule a 60-minute discovery call.
  3. During the call, you can share your biggest business challenges, and together, we will create a customized plan for the next steps.


During the discovery call, we typically discuss:

  • Your current systems and software.
  • The major issues faced by your departments.
  • The timeline for implementing Odoo ERP.
  • The members of your ERP implementation team or those involved in the process.
  • The necessary steps to conduct a gap-fit analysis and align your business needs with Odoo ERP.

Ensuring your satisfaction and accessibility is my priority. For this reason, I limit my workload to two clients per month. If you are planning to implement Odoo soon, don’t hesitate to register for the discovery call to secure the nearest available slot.

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About Audrius

Audrius Grinys Odoo ERP

I am independent IT consultant with five years of working only with ERP projects, IT tools for business and fifteen years in projects and companies management. In my freetime I am amature ultramarathons runner with my longest run of 12hours straight and currently preparing to do 24hours run in 2024.

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